Influencer Collection

Fits/Voltaire Promo


Our videography services successfully aided Anna in promoting various riding apparel and gear brands to her Instagram audience. The collaboration, high-quality filming, and engaging editing contributed to increased brand awareness and engagement, resulting in a successful influencer-led campaign.


  1. Increased Brand Awareness: The collaborative content significantly raised brand awareness for the featured riding apparel and gear brands.

  2. Engagement Boost: Anna's followers responded positively, leading to a rise in likes, comments, and shares.

  3. Conversions: The influencer-led promotion drove followers to explore and make purchases from the featured brands.


  1. Influencer Collaboration: We collaborated closely with Anna to understand her brand, audience, and personal style to ensure the content felt genuine and aligned with her image.

  2. Professional Filming: Our team used high-quality cameras, and equipment to showcase the riding apparel and gear in the best possible way.

  3. Editing Excellence: We edited the content for dynamic visuals, effective transitions, and engaging captions, catering to Instagram's short-form format.